New Customers:
Getting tattooed is a big deal, So I appreciate your interest in my work.

I understand you're nervous & hopefully excited, so please read through the info on each of the pages that maybe relevant to you. As the answer to any questions you may have, should be answered there. I have enabled easy access to all the relevant information to make the process less intimidating and it also enables me to dedicate more time to designing & drawing tattoos for upcoming appointments, rather than answering multiple emails from multiple sources . I tattoo full time, so any e-mails, drawings etc. is done outside of business hours. So I do really appreciate an efficient attitude towards messages & booking.


Existing customers:

If you're starting a new tattoo project please get in touch with the relevant info so I can advise you on the length of tattoo session required.  

Or if you're carrying on with an existing piece & know how long to book for. Whenever you're ready please use the Booking & Deposits page to send the deposit and then E-Mail me a list of dates suitable for yourself.
You'll really be speeding the whole process up & as a result get booked in quicker.

Below is a 5 step guide to the process of booking a tattoo appointment. 

I've found the process below to be the most efficient.

Most of these steps has it's own page, supplying more detail:


Consultations in person are much better, as they ensure we are on the same wave length & you can get booked in straight away if you would like to. Otherwise we can discuss your ideas via e-mail. Please include the relevant information.

2.Paying your Deposit.

The deposit can be paid via a PayPal account.

Using your Debit Card.

You can also pay Cash by dropping it off at the studio during business hours. 


*Deposits are required to make a booking. No dates will be confirmed until a deposit is received. *

3. Setting a date & time.

You can either book the appointment in person at the studio, E-Mail or Facebook Message me with dates suitable for you. Then I can find the soonest suitable appointment time for you.

4.Your Design will get drawn for the day of the appointment.

5.Then it's just a case of Preparing for the tattoo session.

Short & Sweet version,  no partying the night before, wear comfy clothes, make sure you've eaten a decent meal & brought sugary snacks with you. Remember nerves & excitement are normal.

If you still have any concerns please do get in touch


Info on the process of booking a Tattoo Session: