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Japanese Tattoo Artist Bristol James Bull Tengu Tattoo Studio

Tattoo Conventions & Guest Spots

I've had the opportunity to work a great number of conventions throughout the UK over the years. The most highly regarded being the 7th Bristol Tattoo Convention and being invited to work the 1st Total Tattoo's Big London Tattoo Show.
Hannya and I have decided to work less conventions in 2024. Essentially cherry picking our favourites. 
Opening of our own studio Tengu Tattoo in 2023, we are simply enjoying being at the studio too much to leave it so many times over the year. 

  Tattoo Conventions 2024  

In chronological order, I will be attending the following:

Big North Tattoo Show
Newbury Tattoo Convention 2024 Poster Artwork Hannya Jayne Tattoo Artist
Bristol Tattoo Convention 2024.jpg
  • Big North Tattoo Show Instagram
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  • Bristol Tattoo Convention Instagram
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  • Newbury Tattoo Convention Instagram
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Big London Tattoo Show
  • Big London Tattoo Show Instagram
  • Big London Tattoo Show Facebook
James Bull Japanese Tattoo Artist Bristol

If you're interested in getting tattooed at one of the above Tattoo Conventions or a Guest Spot, please send me an email containing as much info as possible to

Thank you.

James Bull Japanese Tattoo Artist Bristol

Tattoo Guest Spots
I do regular Guest Spots at:
Good Times Tattoo - London -

- Black Hound Tattoo - Thame, Oxfordshire -

James Bull Japanese Tattoo Artist Bristol
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