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Preparing for your Tattoo Appointment:

The most important thing to do before coming to your tattoo appointment is to make sure you have eaten.

This ensures your blood sugar levels aren’t low, which reduces the possibility of feeling faint/dizzy. I know that it can be difficult to eat a good meal if you’re nervous, so a sugary drink (not sugar free or diet) or a sugary snack like a chocolate bar is far better than eating nothing.

Make sure you wear something you feel comfortable in, loose fitting clothes are always a good shout. The nature of tattooing is messy, so please don't wear anything you're not prepared to potentially get ink stains on.

If you’re getting work done on an awkward to reach area for example your leg, it is worth bringing a pair of shorts or a long skirt for you to change into.

We do also have paper covers to ensure modesty.

On the day of your appointment I prefer payment via Bank Transfer. But I can also accept payment via PayPal or Cash. But not debit/credit card. 

If you are having on-going work done, you will have what is known as a rolling deposit. This is the same deposit you paid to secure the tattoo session, but rather than using it towards payment on the first session, it will be rolled to secure future sessions. Then on your last tattoo session, the rolling deposit will be used towards paying for that session.

It is best to wait until a few weeks before or after a holiday to get tattooed. Please bare this in mind when booking your appointment, if your skin is sunburnt or excessively tanned it may not be possible to tattoo you, and you risk loosing your deposit.


​If you have any other concerns please do get in contact either by email or Instagram

However if your concern is regarding any medications or possible complications with healing due to an illness, please consult your doctor prior to booking your tattoo session.

Rolling Deposit
James Bull Japanese Tattoo Artist Bristol

Appointment Times:

​Consultations are mostly booked in at 9 am or 9.30 am.

Morning tattoo appointments are booked in at 10 am,

Afternoon appointments typically 2.30pm but I work by appointment only,

so my hours vary greatly throughout the day.

Typical business hours are Tuesday-Saturday 10 am-5.30 pm.

James Bull Japanese Tattoo Artist Bristol
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