Tattoo Designs.

When will I see my design?

I get any relevant drawing done for the beginning of your tattoo appointment. This is usually conducted anywhere from the night before your appointment to early that morning. This is mainly due to the time commitments required when specialising in custom large scale Japanese tattooing.  Minimal e-mailing is very much appreciated, as it allows me more time to spend on designing customers tattoos. 
I've also found by drawing the Tattoo Design so close to the appointment, also enables me to have the design 'fresh in my mind' for the commencing tattoo session.


What if  I'd like changes made to the design?

This is easily avoided by simply supplying me with relevant 'likes' & 'dislikes'  and any other useful info regarding your tattoo design, either during our consultation or email conversation.

We can however easily discuss any different options or tweaks desired at the beginning of the appointment, if any re-drawing is required it will be conducted in the tattoo appointment time.


I like your style of tattooing, but can't think of a design I would like?
I am a strong believer that every tattoo should be unique to each person, So each design will be drawn up with that person in mind.

I would recommend booking in for a consultation, that way we can talk & I can suggest various Japanese Imagery & the mythology behind it which is relevant to yourself. Otherwise there are so many Yoki that I'd love to draw and tattoo, so suggesting something a little different might be what floats your boat.

I understand that tattooing has become much more acceptable/accessible for a lot of people now, but it is still a big step. If you're nervous about your first session or your design, as long as you have looked through my work & like the style of my tattooing & supplied me with any preferences (if you have any) then you're going to like how I draw & tattoo your design.