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Consultations are not compulsory but If you're not completely sure about your tattoo design ideas, or if you'd like to visit the studio to chat through ideas and get yourself booked in, that's great.

Please do bring along any questions & reference or be able to send it over via e-mail after the consultation if required.

Tattoo Consultations are free of charge and on average last a maximum of 30mins. Usually a tattoo consultation is booked for 9am. But my hours do vary so please supply me with least 5 dates/times between Tuesday- Saturday 9am-6pm that are suitable for you.

Please send dates/times over via e-mail or DM, thank you.

Once the dates are received I will find the soonest available appointment, write you in the diary and send you an appointment confirmation message.

Otherwise please use this page to send the required info for me to be able to provide a quote or advice for your desire tattoo. 



Requird Info

Tattoo Consultations

James Bull Japanese Tattoo Artist Bristol
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