Tattoo Consultations.

Consultations are not compulsory but If you're not completely sure about your tattoo design ideas, or if you'd like to visit the studio to chat through ideas and get yourself booked in, that's great. Please do bring along any questions & reference or be able to send it over via e-mail after the consultation if required.

Tattoo Consultations are free of charge and usually last a maximum of 30mins. Usually a tattoo consultation is booked for 9.30am. But my hours do vary so please supply me with least 5 dates/times between Tuesday- Saturday 9.30am-5.30pm that are suitable for you.

Please send dates/times over via e-mail to please. Once the dates are received I will find the soonest available appointment and contact you to confirm. 

Otherwise if you're far away or can supply all the below info, we can discuss ideas over e-mail...

Please ensure you provide all of the following:
.A description of the tattoo with any reference material/examples.

.Ideal dimensions of the tattoo.

.Where on your body you would like the tattoo.

.Photos of the area if there is existing tattoos that we will be working around.

.Any likes & dislikes relevant to the tattoo.

Only after you've paid the deposit, please send over:
.A list of at least 5 suitable dates/times for your appointment.

Please note, if you don't include these requirements due to the volume of time-wasting messages tattoo artists receive, I will suggest a consultation or expect a much longer wait for a reply as e-mails containing this info will be prioritised.
The usual waiting time for an e-mail response is 1-2 weeks.



Like to get a quote?

Please include all the required information in your message, else I won't be able to calculate the time therefore cost. You will receive a response within 1-2 weeks.Thank you.

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