Tattoo Aftercare

Good Aftercare is always important.

There are three methods of tattoo aftercare you can follow. Every method however requires a strict hygiene routine. Until the tattoo has developed a scab, it is an open wound & should be treated as such.


The instructions below will tell you have to successfully & safely heal your tattoo, however if you have concerns that your tattoo may have become infected, seek professional medical advice from a GP as soon as you can.

The first method is...
The 'balm/cream method' which entails carefully applying a perfume free moisturiser to the tattoo 3-4 times daily, for 1-2 weeks.

Ensuring that your hands are washed/cleaned before washing the tattoo & applying balm is very important.
Don't use any old balm, as it may contain bacteria & remember don't share balms with others.
I personally use coconut oil or El Gato Negro 'Tattoo Healing Balm which we stock in the studio, you can also buy it here.

It is important to wash the tattoo at least 2-3 times a day until the scabs/flakes naturally fall off. Never pick the scabs! It opens a wound & can become susceptible to infection. It also can pull the ink out & will require a touch-up. Believe me, we know when a tattoo has been picked. So as tempting as it is, please don't pick your tattoo.


The Second method is:

The 'Dermalize' method which involves cling film healing for the first 24 hours then apply the Dermalize dressing. Then after 4-5 days you can remove the dressing! It really is that simple, you can shower, bath & swim with it on. No cream or changing required! 

After 24 hours give the tattoo a thorough wash, don't use a towel as any fluff will get trapped under the film.  Simply let it air dry.

Then apply the Dermalize film.

Do this by cutting the film to size if need be. Peel away the white backing paper, place the sticky side to your skin & then remove the final paper carefully. This can be a little tender as the tattoo is still fresh. The film will stay on for 4-5 days! It's that easy!

​You can shower, bath & swim with the film on.

It is ideal for people who need to avoid cross contamination in their job, nurses, food industry, labourers, carers etc. As it forms a breathable barrier.

We stock Dermalize at the studio, It is either sold in packs or cut to size from a roll. Or you can buy it on-line.

The third method is...

'Wet Healing' ​This Method is great for people working in industries where avoiding cross contamination is essential. Nursing, Food prep etc where the same dressing can't be worn continuously.
It involves unwrapping & washing the tattoo every 3-4 hours. Then re-wrap it with a new piece of cling film. Do this for at least 3-4 days, then stop & apply cream 1-2 times a day, for a minimum of 4 days. 
The only possible unwanted side affect of Wet Healing is 'Heat/Sweat' rash. This can be anything from a small red pin-prick rash to a white spot like rash. It won't affect the tattoos appearance once healed, but it can be sore/unpleasant/itchy so it is best to stop Wet Healing​ ​​and switch to the Balm/Cream Method​, The rash will go within a few days. To help avoid heat/sweat rash it is important to wash & re-wrap the tattoo regularly.



​Tattoo healing isn't as complicated as it sounds. Your body knows how to heal itself, all you need to do is maintain a strict hygiene routine. I always think if you treat your new tattoo like a cut/burn/insect bite you will heal your tattoo quickly & safely.


​Obviously if you have an concerns please do get in touch or 01392 254626

​*However if you're concerned your tattoo has become infected, seek professional medical advice from your doctor as soon as possible, I can only give advice to successfully heal your tattoo. I can't dispence medical advice or medication.*