How much will my tattoo design idea cost?

Please email me with the following info for me to be able to provide you with a quote:

* Reference Pictures (of the type of tattoo you want)

*desired location on body (side of calf, Full back etc)

*Rough size in cm

* Any other relevant info (likes & dislikes regarding the design)


Please note, if you don't include these requirements due to the volume of time-wasting messages us tattoo artists receive, please expect a much longer wait for a reply as e-mails containing this info will be prioritised.The usual waiting time for an e-mail response is 1-2 weeks.

If you're looking for tattoo design inspiration?

Check out my social media pages for available designs.

Tattoo Quote Form

If you can't remember what info I need to be able to provide a quote via email, please use this form. Thanks. 

Large scale tattoos

Large scale or complex tattooing requires patience & some level of perseverance. 

A good quality large scale tattoo can't be done in one session. 

Regular sessions booked a minimum of a month apart, to allow for healing, is recommended.

Trying to put an exact time quote on Large Scale tattooing is like asking how long a piece of string is.

Usually session work is booked in for 3-5 hour appointments. Depending on your tolerance levels.

Session work is priced at £90 an hour.

Three hour tattoo sessions


For smaller tattoos, it is possible to complete them in a three hour session, these tattoos are priced per piece. Not at the 'session work' hourly rate. 

Also suitable for large scale ongoing work. But I usually advise a 5 hour session 

Single Session Tattoos.

These are tattoos that can be completed in one session & are priced per design,

as always, the size & location you'd like your tattoo to be dictates the time/price quote.