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Japanese Tattoos

By James Bull
James Bull Japanese Tattoo Artist Tengu

Specialising in Japanese Tattooing became a natural progression, I've always had a fascination for Japanese art and culture.

When I first began tattooing, the studio I was working in didn't have  a Tattooist who specialised in a Traditional style.

Therefore I was encouraged to develop my style towards a  Neo-Traditional & Traditional Old-School tattoo art.


 I believe the bold attributes of Old-School style tattoos can be noted in my modern take on Japanese tattooing.

 My style is continuously evolving largely due to the volume of drawing involved  in large scale Japanese tattoos.

I am a strong believer that every design should be original & designed with the wearer in mind. 



​​It wasn't just the beauty of Japanese artwork and tattoos that captivated me. Japanese mythology & tattooing has an abundance of imagery which represents all manner of events such as marriage, parenthood or over coming adversity.

There are so many meanings behind  the various mythological creatures, flora & fauna. This enables me to offer my customers artwork that is true to the rules and old traditions of Japanese tattooing, whilst being recognisable as my own style.

I regularly attend seminars on the mythology and symbolism that feature heavily in Japanese tattooing, I also have an ever growing collection of Books on many aspects of Japanese art, culture & tattoos. 

On this website you'll be able to find examples of my drawing, tattoos, information on how to book a tattoo appointment and other frequently asked questions.  

Many Thanks for your interest in my tattooing.

​James Bull.

Tengu Tattoo 

24 Alma Vale road



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James Bull Japanese Tattoo Artist Bristol
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